Graduate Students

We are always recruiting talented graduate students to join our research team, and strong candidates are always encouraged to apply! You can find information about graduate admissions to the UNC/NCSU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering here. Applicants should note that our laboratory and student offices are located at UNC Chapel Hill.

Update: We are actively recruiting two highly driven Ph.D. students to begin their graduate studies with our lab beginning in Fall 2018. We envision a research and professional development plan related to (1) our work in human balance control with applications in aging and neurodegenerative disease or (2) our work using in vivo ultrasound imaging to understanding aging effects on muscle-tendon interaction during walking and their energetic implications. We look forward to receiving your applications to our graduate program later this fall!

Undergraduate Students

We actively seek to engage undergraduate students from both UNC and NC State in our research activities. We look for enthusiastic, curious, self-driven, and resourceful students. A successful research experience usually requires a commitment of approximately 10 hours per week, in blocks of at least 3 hours, for a minimum of two academic semesters. Most positions are volunteer or for academic course credit, but eligible students can also apply for  research fellowships through UNC and NC State.  Please contact Dr. Franz by email to inquire about possible undergraduate opportunities in the lab, and include a summary of why you want to pursue research and why our research interests you.