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ASBThe Applied Biomechanics Laboratory is very excited to have had SIX research abstracts accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics this summer in Raleigh, NC! Congratulations to all of the students on this big accomplishment!!


List of ABL abstracts at the American Society of Biomechanics Meeting:

Browne MG and Franz JR, Biofeedback decouples the effects of speed and propulsive force on joint power generation in walking.

Francis CA, Franz JR, Acuna S, Thelen DG, Gait and balance training improves gait variability in old adults.

Rasske K, Thelen DG, Franz JR, Aging effects on the Achilles tendon moment arm in vivo during walking.

Franz JR, Francis CA, Allen MS, Thelen DG, Visuomotor entrainment and the control of balance in walking.

Stokes HE, Thompson JD, Franz JR, The association between kinematic variability and muscle activity during perturbed walking.

Thompson JD, Thelen DG, Franz JR, Does walking balance control adapt to perturbed optical flow?



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