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The Applied Biomechanics Lab recently traveled to Dublin, Ireland to present our research at the 8th World Congress of Biomechanics. Congratulations to all our students and trainees! Thanks for the great time!


Conway KA, Bissette RG, Franz JR, Increasing the propulsive demands of walking to their maximum elucidates functionally limiting impairments in elderly gait.

Waanders JB, Hortobágyi T, Murgia A, DeVita P, Franz JR, The distal-to-proximal shift of muscle function during gait in old age is absent for negative work.

Franz JR and Clark WH, Triceps surae muscle-subtendon interaction differs between young and older adults.

DeVita, P, Moulder A, Akindahunsi O, Curran C, Bell E, Knaus K, Ebrahimi A, Kuhman D, Drazen J, Paquette M, Miller R, Willy R, McNitt-Gray J, Dufek J, Franz JR, Darkenwald T, Breloff S, Carpes F. National Biomechanics Day: STEM Outreach for High School Students through the 21st Century’s Breakthrough Science.

Browne MG and Franz JR, Older adults reverse their distal-to-proximal redistribution and walk faster with ankle power biofeedback.

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