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The Applied Biomechanics Lab had an incredible presence at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Biomechanics in Rochester, MN. We were especially excited to have two finalists for the PhD student award competition and one finalist for the undergraduate student competition. Their hard work and commitment to exceptional science definitely paid off.


Conway KA, Bissette RG, Franz JR, Older adults overcome their deficits to young adults when propulsive demands of walking are increased to their maximum.

Browne MG and Franz JR, Older adults reverse their distal-to-proximal redistribution using ankle power biofeedback. *Finalist: Doctoral Student Presentation Competition

Browne MG and Franz JR, Restoring propulsive forces in elderly gait does not impair dynamic stability.

Clark WH and Franz JR, Activation-dependent changes in soleus length-tension behavior augment ankle joint quasi-stiffness.

Clark WH and Franz JR, Triceps surae muscle-subtendon interaction differs between young and older adults.    *Finalist: Doctoral Student Presentation Competition

Qiao M, Truong KN, and Franz JR, Does local dynamic stability during unperturbed walking predict the response to balance perturbations? An examination across age and falls history.

Qiao M, Richards JT, and Franz JR, Visuomotor error augmentation affects mediolateral head and trunk stabilization during walking.

Khanchandani A, McKenney H Arnold B, Clark WH, Franz JR, The Achilles tendon moment arm exhibits independent and combinatory effects of joint rotation and muscle loading. *Finalist: Undergraduate Student Presentation Competition



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