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Andy Shelton, a third-year BME Ph.D. candidate, has received a National Research Service Award (NIH F31) from the National Institute of Aging. The award will fund his project titled “The Effects of Muscle Fatigability on Gait Instability in Aging and Age-Related Falls Risk.” The research will evaluate how local muscle fatigability compromises the neuromuscular control of walking balance and precipitates gait instability in direction-dependent and context-specific ways in older adults. Andy will be sponsored on the project by Dr. Jason Franz, Associate Professor in BME, and a mentoring committee that spans Engineering, Physical Therapy, Neurology and Biostatistics. Anticipated outcomes from his research in the BME Applied Biomechanics Lab will have the potential to inform novel advances in diagnostics, rehabilitation, mobile monitoring and wearable assistive technologies to mitigate falls.

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