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Videos from Triangle BiomechanicsLogo for Triangle Biomechanics from UNC Chapel Hill and NC State University. Logo for National Biomechanics Day.

We are fortunate to live and work in the Triangle area of North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill) with many collaborators in the greater biomechanics community. Check out the Applied Biomechanics Laboratory videos on the Triangle Biomechanics YouTube Channel for more information on the tools and techniques we use to study human walking!

Open Source Codes on GitHubGitHub Logo

We enjoy sharing codes that help advance scientific progress in human movement analysis. Visit our GitHub page to access our open-source research codes!

MTJtrack – Calf Muscle-Tendon Joint Tracking using Deep Lab Cut, as shown here

Batch OpenSim Processing – Batch Process biomechanical data (markers and ground reaction forces) through OpenSim via Matlab.

Self-Pace Propulsive Force Bioefeedback Study – Run Bertec split belt treadmill in fixed speed and adaptive speed conditions.

SpeedFp Clamp Data & Analysis Code – Data files and processing script for Speed-Fp Clamp Study


National Biomechanics Day Resources

In honor of the annual celebration of National Biomechanics Day, we would like to share our superhero-themed poster and sticker designs for future NBD event holders!

BalancePoster_BlackPanther – Balance like Black Panther on a bosu ball.

Biomechanics Comic_6April2022 – Find out how ultrasound imaging, electromyography, and musculoskeletal modeling can be used to defeat Juggernaut and save Manhattan from nuclear destruction.

NBD Captain America Red Skull – Help Captain America defeat Red Skull with the PASCO arm model.

NBDSticker – Comic book-themed stickers for NBD.